Prototypes & Pilot Manufacturing

  • Develop and supply prototypes and pre-production parts for automotive powertrain and other industrial engine
  • For reduction of lead time and satifisfaction of user needs, carry out all of the processes under one roof
         (desgin, tooling fabrication, casting, machinining, etc)
  • Manufacture prototypes and pre-production parts having quality equivalent to mass production parts by well-organized process and quality
  • Have plenty of experience in various part development projects and have completed them successfully
  • Share all of the lessones learned after the completion of project with customer to reduce any risks in customer’s production


Product Cylinder Head, Cylinder Block, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Manifold, Housing, Brakcet, etc
Material Ferrous alloy : FC, FCD, SCM, etc
Nonferrous alloy : Al, Mg, etc.