Ship &Marine Industrial Engine

Ship & marine engine development

The Ship & Marine Industry Division of Korea R&D has designed, developed, produced and supplied marine engines, drives and small ships. It’s motto to secure customer’s safety under any working conditions and supply products with economic effects to customers



Asia’s the first eco-friendly diesel outboard

Inboard Engine

Inboard Engine for 145 to 200Hp,
CRDi type

Generator Engine for 47 to 65 kW,
50Hz to 60 Hz


Surface Drive for
250 Hp Input


Expansion of the ship & marine industry through the development of ship engines, drives and small ships
Settle business atmosphere to achieve customer safety and economic effectiveness
Breaking away from overseas outboard by developing and supplying our own model to the outboard market


The Capabilities of design, development, Manufacturing, and evaluation for Engine parts
(One Stop Process)

The Capabilities of analysis and test evaluation For Engine and Major parts

Innovative manufacturing and test
analysis facilities

Possession of highly skilled technical
Personnel, and technical assets such as

Operation of technical institute, and
Possession of various certifications