Company History


Jan. Supplied three A/S 5C parts for GM Korea’s three cylinder engine


Dec. Started operating new factory in Sihwa MTV (unification of two previous factories)

Jul. Developed prototype parts for Samsung SDI’s EV component


Dec. Developed and supplied Cyl. Head & Block for DSIC’s 1.8L, 2.4L, 3.4L engines

Dec. Developed prototype Cyl. Head for SYMC’s 1.5L gasoline engine

Aug. Developed and supplied prototype Cyl. Head & Block for China SOKON company

Jul. Started serial production of LG Electronics’s EV parts

Mar. Started operating Yeonggwang Factory


Dec. Developed three prototype housings for Taiwan CEC company’s HEV transmission

Dec. Started serial production of SYMC’s 3.2/3.6L gasoline Cyl. Head

Apr. Developed three prototype 5C parts for SYMC’s 2.0L gasoline T-GDI engine


Jul. Supplied serial production HPDC dies for Russian GAZ company’s three transmission housings

Apr. Developed three prototype 5C parts for GM Korea’s 3 cylinder gasoline engine

Mar. Supplied serial production GDC molds for Russian GAZ company’s 2.7L 5C three parts


Mar. Developed GM Korea’s prototype 6 speed automatic transmission T/C Housings

Mar. Developed SYMC’s prototype 1.6L diesel Cyl. Heads & Crankshafts

Feb. Developed GM Korea’s prototype 6 speed automatic transmission Cases

Jan. Developed SYMC’s prototype 1.6L gasoline Cyl. Blocks & Crankshafts


Sep. Developed and supplied prototype parts to CEC (Taiwan)

May. Developed 200HP vessel engines and propellers

Mar. Registered as a partner with Samsung Electronics

Jan. Developed proto Cyl. Heads to Iran

Jan Developed proto Cyl. Heads/Blocks for India’s TaTa cars


Dec. Received a citation of Minister of Knowledge Economy

Nov. Obtained Evergreen Technology Environment Certification

Oct. Supplied prototype parts to Nissan Motor Company

Jun. Venture Business and INNOBIZ certified


May. Obtained TS-16949 quality certification

May. Parts and Material company certified Established R&D center

Jul. Registered as a mass production company with Hyundai Rotem

Oct. Appointed as a 2010 promising company in Gyeonggi-do Designated as an enterprise for military service


Dec. Operated factory 2 (Machining of automotive engine 5C parts)

May. Registered with Defense Acquisition Program Administration

Mar. Developed proto G2 heads/blocks


Apr. Participated in A/S part development project of Cylinder Block for Hyundai Motor Company (3,000EA)

Jun. Developed SYMC 2.0/3.2L diesel engines


Oct. Developed pre-production parts of EURO5 Cylinder Block

May. Developed 4 type of prototype parts of Russia Cylinder Head/Block


Jul. Signed an agreement to supply key pre-production parts to GM Korea

Jun. Relocated the heard office (Sihwa Industrial Complex 5-707)

Apr. Participated in 1500HP V12 engine development project


Sep. Appointed as a 2010 promising company in Gyeonggi-do

Oct. Designated as a certified materials and parts company

Oct. Started supplying mass-production molds (Head and Block)


Nov. Relocated the head office from Gwangmyeong to Sihwa Industrial Complex

Mar. Established the casting division


Apr. Obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification


May. Participated in Doosan Infracore Heavy duty Engine Project (V6~V12)

May. ISO 9000 certified


Aug. Registered as a partner with CASKOD

Aug. Registered as a partner with Doosan Infracore

May. Developed small vessel propellers

May. Registered as a partner with Samsung Motors

Mar. Launched business in Gwangmyeong

Oct. 25 2000 Established