• Design

    With 2D, 3D or goods that clients supply, we conduct 3D modeling and 2D design of castings and tooling including wooden-patterns, molds, jig & fixtures, machining tools that are required for the following production.
  • Tooling

    Our own equipment is fully capable of fabricating and supplying wooden-patterns and metal molds.For the wooden-pattern and metal mold, we operate the tooling room for its effective fabrication and maintenance.
  • Casting

    We are capable of melting and casting of ferrous alloy and non-ferrous alloy. We also strive to meet our customer needs by conducting strict quality control and maximizing employees’ competency.
  • Machining

    We produce and supply parts from 5C parts-that are crucial to automotive and industrial engine to 6-speed automatic transmission parts by operating strict tolerance control and process control.
  • Test & Measuring

    Our processed and finished products undergo strict quality control. Our equipment is sufficiently sophisticated to measure and test all required features of products such as 3D measurement, profile and contour measurement, roughnessmeasurement, roundness and cylindricity measurement.