Test & Measuring

Our processed and finished products undergo strict quality control. Our equipment is sufficiently sophisticated to measure and test all required features of products such as 3D measurement, profile and contour measurement, roughness measurement, roundness and cylindricity measurement.

All of the facilities are maintained under the best environmental conditions with temperature and humidity kept at constant and consistent levels.

Applications: Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Manifolds, Housings, Brackets, etc.

Test & Measuring Equipment

No Equipment Name Model Qty Remark
1 Coordinate Measuring M/C (CMM) PRISMO5, SIGMA-8127N, etc. 3
2 Surface Roughness Tester T1000 1
3 Crank & Camshaft Measuring M/C GDB200V 1
4 Contour Measuring Instrument SURFCOM 1800DH 1
5 Profile Projector PJ300 1
6 Optical Emission Spectrometer SF750 1
7 Brinell Hardness Tester Brinell 1
8 Portable Digital Borescope XENCO-GX 1
9 Digital Force Gauge Z2-50N 1