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Generator Engine

Generator Engine

Cast iron engine cylinder block. / Aluminum cylinder Head. / In-line 5 cylinder, 20-valve
DOHC. / Hydraulic lash adjusters. / Hydraulic timing chain drive with belt tensioner. /
Integrated water jacket.

Lubrication System Easily exchangeable oil filter Splash and Forced lubrication by gear pump Fuel System

Fuel System Common rail direct injection(CRDi)-Solenoid injector Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel

Electrical System 12 volt system and 140A alternator Ceramic grow plugs for a trouble-free cold start

Cooling System  V-ribbed belt driven sea water pump
Sea water cooled intercooler and heat exchanger
Corrosion resistant material for the sea water circuit Easily exchangeable rubber impeller

Air Inlet System Reusable air filter Crankcase gases vented into the air inlet

Exhaust System Sea water cooled exhaust manifold Sea water cooled exhaust elbow (Option)

Turbocharger VGT, Variable Geometry Turbocharger

KMD 27

KMD 27


Engine Model Marine Propulsion Marine Generator
KMD72A KMD27B 60Hz 50Hz
Rating Output 175-200 155-175 85 64
rpm 4,000 3,000 1,800 1,500
Type 4-Stroke, 20-Valve, OHC
Configuration In-Line 5 Cylinder
Cylinder Bore 86.2 mm
Storke 92.4 mm
Swept Volume 2696 cc(2.7 Liters)
Compression Ratio 17.5 : 1
Cooling Water cooling
Aspiration Single Turbo-charger (VGT), Inter cooled
Fuel Injection System Common-Rail, Direction Injection (CRDi)
Overall (L×W×H) 900×772×791 925×772×791
Weight (dry) 320 kg

Engine Specification Dimension

Surface Drive

Surface Drive Specification

Braking Power 170~200hp

Input Torque 600~700Nm/2000~2500 rpm

Steering Angle 30˚ Left / Right

Tilt Angle -5° ~ 40 ° (Standard Trim 12°)

Material Aluminum (Body) / Bronze (Propeller)

Weight(Dry) 45kg

Target Performance

Contents 170ps grade 200ps grade
Break Power power 125KW(170hp> 157KW(200hp>
Input Torque 600 Nm/2000~2500 rpm 700 NM/2000~2500 rpm
Steering angle LH 30° 30°
RH 30° 30°
Tilt Range Up 37° 40°
Down -15° -5°
Material Body Aluminum Aluminum
Propeller Naval bronze (16”X 18”) )
Material 40kg 45kg

Inboard Engine


Application Inboard Engine

Displacement 2,157 cc

Power 175 Hp / 4,000 rpm

Aspiration CRDi

Launch Domestic (August 2020)
Overseas (August 2021)

Outboard Engine KMD 22


Application Outboard Engine

Displacement 2,157 cc

Power T.B.D

Aspiration CRDi

Launch Domestic (Dec. 2020)
Overseas (June 2021)